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energy back from the sun. you cool off over that. look at this gradient right here. warm weather down south. really chilly of the arthurup north. you can see the children evidence right there. we're kind of straddling that the laundry between cool and warm air. there has been a double digit temperatures drop up to the north. it is only 44 of the hour. 42 have a cannery. a big warmup that will last only a couple of days. the following weekend could be almost springlike. 29 are dew point. this is the next weather system crossing the plains states. we are not having any trouble today. there will be little increasing clouds. this one little rather systemweather system. a second wave comes southeastward. here is the jet stream pattern. to have some look like the fact rainshowers expected to go into parts of northern indiana. you see the little patches of rain by noon tomorrow. here we track the system across the upper midwest. flurries might come as far south as wisconsin. here's our late enhanced sprinkel. here's where the snow will accumulate. on this next system it is a nor'easter. po
-called wavesrogue waves give temporary spikes over 30 ft.. wind is driving this. if you take all of that wind energy and transfer it to the lake, you get big swells that common. this is where the greatest rises in lake level will occur. 69 mi. per hour wind gusts in indiana. chicago is checking in with a wind gust of 54. this storm is about 1,600 mi. across and is producing a patchwork of weather advisories. flood advisories to a winter storm warnings. wind advisories in high wind warnings here around the south and lake shore flooding advisories around lake michigan. it is windy everywhere but nowhere more so than near the lake where wind can blow friction free. 42.this is the scene on the east coast in the wake of that big storm out there. tides are down but it has been a heroin 24 hours. harrowing 24 hours. it takes days for nature to expend this energy. there is thus no that is occurring. we mentioned last week we might have a flake or two of snow. look at wind. forecast later today and even tomorrow morning. blowing strongest here. it will stay windy through tomorrow. funnelling right toward i
're going to get a storm off of the pacific. some of the energy will ride along the boundary. lots more air down to the south of us. the system will have a little moisture. it is 50 at midway. the normal high this time of the year to give you an idea where the temperatures will go tonight. here's how we will be this afternoon. tonight the suburbs are heading back into the 20s. we will go to the upper '40's during the daytime. tomorrow. the rain is retreating with snow and high elevations. sunshine with a little patchy cloudiness at times. perhaps a brick later in the day and saturday night. we will keep an eye on that. we're not expecting anything in the way of precipitation. paris tomorrow evening. flurries as far south as wisconsin. the average first- aid of flurries in chicago has a starkly ban on or about october 31st. we have actually gotten past that. it is not nearly as windy as it has been in recent days. tonight clouds gather. northwest winds at 4 to 12. a light northwest wind. saturday extensive cloudiness. maybe a sprinkle or a brief shower. i will need a lot of sleep i am runn
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3